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Efficiency is our top priority

Lead Generation is crucial. Like a lot of other things.                 Our tools maximize efficiency. Get maximum results. In no time. With low investment.

For everyone

From the head of an SMB to the Growth Marketer. A range of ergonomic and incredibly powerful tools for Lead Generation. A concept based on a simple idea: "Less is more".

5/5 Custommer Suppoort

Lead generation can seem complex. The handling of tools even more. Answering your questions in record time means ensuring your success.

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Your Lead Generation. On another level.

A powerful range of tools to generate new BtoB customers and access to more than 650M of prospects, thanks to LinkedIn.


Automate your LinkedIn prospecting. Simply. Safely. And generate up to 400 qualified Leads per week.

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Get 10x to 50x more views on your LinkedIn posts. Simplify your content creation. Boost your return on investment.

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Do you have more than 30 messages per day to manage on LinkedIn? Piwaa is an overlay on LinkedIn messaging, optimized for prospecting and Leads tracking. A mini-CRM, integrated into your messaging.

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« Fun should be the north star metric for entrepreneurs. Too many entrepreneurs suffer because they can’t see that life is a big party” »

Oussama Amar

The Family

« A bug that happens only once is not a bug. »

Rayan and Kévin


« Our team is composed of hyper optimist and hyper pessmist. The fusion of the two gives a delicious mix of chaos. »



« No matter the outcome, whether to fail or to succeed. In both cases, do it fast. »



Our story

From tourism to Growth Marketing. From 0 à 2M€ ARR in 13 months. From nothing to a strong culture.

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Waapi is looking for talent. People who learn quickly and are passionate about digital. Don't hesitate to send us your application at

PS: standard cover letters are not read. Be a Growth Hacker. Find an unconventional method.

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